We are an alliance of independent contractors providing broad spectrum IT solutions to small and medium sized businesses.
We are experts at Unix and Windows serverside system administration and network infrastructure.
  We now have an excellent, individual user configurable, spam and virus filter for your email server. Ask us about the Maia Mailguard.
  Do you have (or need) multiple connections to the Internet in order to allow for different classes of service? Ask us about policy-based routing! Our policy-based routing is second to none!

What we do...

Engineering and implementation of cost-effective, high-performance networked systems in a secure Internet-connected environment for all normal business applications. Expert Unix and Windows system administration. Low cost business and database oriented application development and support. We can help you securely connect to the Internet at optimum price/performance as well as helping get your domain name registered and working properly and help you establish your web presence along with spam-filtered email services. Using these basics as a service delivery platform, we can custom engineer solutions to meet almost any business need and then we can help you connect remote sites to your business or your home using inexpensive public domain VPN technology or well known proprietary solutions. A range of firewall technology in our inventory also allows us to provide high-performance security solutions for most any site. Carefully designed and implemented infrastructure and basic services are key to trouble-free operations. Download our whitepaper "Competitive Advantage in the New Economy" for more information.

How we do it...

Although we have access to the normal proprietary solution sets, we specialize in standards-based, open-source software solutions to your business problems. We use Linux and other public domain software solutions to quickly solve business problems and fill stringent computing requirements in a low-cost yet reliable and standards-based way that will integrate well with existing systems you may have. We also adhere to industry standards specified in ANSI/TIA/EIA 568A/B and the various Anixter Category Levels with our cabling solutions. Adherence to standards ensures that the solutions we provide will integrate well with those products that you may already have as well as those products that you may obtain in the future.

Why Linux?

Linux is a proven business class operating system taking security, scalability, and stability to new heights. In fact, Oracle runs it's own business on Linux. Linux lowers TCO and saves many businesses and educational institutions thousands of dollars on licensing costs. Advanced Internet Solutions has more than 10 years of Linux experience. We have implemented many business solutions such as:

  • Seamless file and print servers for Windows, Macintosh and Linux clients using Samba, Netatalk and NFS.
  • Powerful database servers using MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Reliable e-mail servers using Sendmail and Postfix
  • Functional centralized virus and spam filters that individual users can manage using ClamAV, SpamAssassin and MaiaMailguard
  • Robust web servers using Apache, PHP and perl
  • Stateful and easy to manage firewalls using IP Cop
  • Content filters using Cop+ and DansGuardian
  • Secure VPNs using IPSec via IP Cop
  • Powerful content-driven web applications based on Apache, PHP, and MySQL

Did you know?

  • Linux runs on multiple hardware platforms including Intel-32, Intel-64 (Itanium), AMD-32, AMD-64, Alpha, SPARC, MIPS, PowerPC and others.
  • Linux can operate as a Windows NT PDC with -no- per-client fees
  • Linux can authenticate users against an Active Directory domain controller
  • Open Source Exchange server software is availble using Exchange4Linux
  • Open Source directory services for Linux are available using OpenLDAP
  • A complete Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning system is available using Compiere

Our services include...

  • Complete high-performance network design, installation and certification for new or existing construction.
  • Complete remediation and repair for poorly functioning networks in existing installations.
  • High-performance copper, fiberoptic and wireless networking solutions for linking multiple computer devices and/or multiple sites.
  • Scalable high-performance firewall solutions for securing and managing your high-speed Internet access.
  • Acquisition, integration and installation of low cost servers and server-based business applications using Slackware Linux, MySQL and OS Commerce.
  • Scalable and secure file and printer sharing solutions based on the Linux Operating System and Samba.
  • A comprehensive inventory of 'best practice' software solutions for your business needs including low-cost public domain e-mail, web server, DNS, VPN, and database solutions.
  • Expert assistance in obtaining and configuring broadband Internet services and DNS.
  • Remote management and administration of your servers and desktops via secure Internet connection for 'instant support'.
  • Custom coding and application development in C, Perl, PHP, MySQL and/or HTML.
  • Top shelf service and support after the sale.

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